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    How an altitude mask functionsMany of the masks available on the market simply restrict your breathing so you can’t pull air into your lungs as fast as normal. When you exercise with one you basically get out of breath sooner, at a lower exercise intensity level, than normal. You’ll also accumulate more CO2 in your blood. But the composition of the air you’re breathing is the exact same as it was without the mask. You’re only getting less oxygen because you’re getting less air.Exposure to true altitude is different. Here in Colorado Springs at 6200 feet above sea level, the percentage of oxygen in the air is the same as it is at sea level (about 21%). But since the air pressure is lower at altitude those oxygen molecules are further apart, so there are fewer of them in a lungful of air. You’re breathing in the same volume of air, there’s just fewer molecules of oxygen in it. Altitude tents and altitude rooms like the High Altitude Training Center at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs work in a similar way. They remove oxygen from the air you’re breathing so that when you draw in a full breath there’s simply less oxygen in that volume of air.The point is, an altitude training mask is not simulating the same type of hypoxia athletes experience either living or training at higher elevations, and that seems to be a crucial difference.
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    It is nice to see that you acknowledge that it does in fact NOT simulate altitude training (users need to use bucketfuls of faith to actually believe something so illogical).But I am skeptical to it having any beneficial effects at all. You believe in it and have good experiences using it. I am skeptical and may not like it at all if I try it. Placebo and nocebo effect can be at play. My experience really is meaningless, what matters is if it works or not and it does not make much sense from a physical standpoint. I don't see why strengthening lung muscles should help your cardio, when my body is bursting with lactic acid being able to continue to huff and puff is not any of my problems.If you use it a lot I guess it could change your breathing pattern, that seems possible... What I do know though is that it is being aggressively marketed as a substitute for altitude training which is a bad case of false advertising.
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